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About Us

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Surfing Mermaid Designs is the premier destination for all your quilting and crafting needs. We offer high-quality fabrics and sewing notions that will inspire your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life.

Our Mission

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Surfing Mermaid Designs is a faith based, veteran-owned business that operates on service, honesty, and loyalty to the customer. Our vision is to provide the Outer Banks with a high quality, trustworthy business that keeps the customer’s best interests at heart. We strive to share our knowledge with all who enter our store or visit our website in order to provide vital services for their crafting needs. Our mission is to offer high-quality fabrics and sewing supplies, along with tutorials and classes to both attract aspiring quilters, and support experienced quilters from the community and visitors of the Outer Banks. Our extensive collection of fabrics is carefully curated for its superior quality, ensuring that your creations will stand the test of time.

We care about
your passion

For those that are passionate about fabrics and the art of quilting, we provide expert service and an excellent shopping experience, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you're an aspiring quilter or an experienced crafting enthusiast, we have everything you need for your next creative project.

Veteran Owned Company

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We are a veteran-owned company that highly values teamwork. Respect is something earned, not demanded, as with loyalty, honesty, and integrity. We are a tight team, who prioritize customer service. We delight in being able to educate and mentor in order to pass on our passion for crafting and ensure everyone’s success. Our overall goal is to make everyone feel welcome and know that we will do all we can to foster your love of quilting and other fabric arts. As the old Army saying goes, “leave no one behind,” and that is how we provide top notch service and make sure our customers feel valued and appreciated. When the customer is successful, we are successful.

Our History

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Surfing Mermaid Designs started on a small dining room table, cluttered with squares, from an idea handed down through multiple generations who all shared the love for quilting and fabrics. My story began many years ago with the love and passion for this art that was handed down over time, from literally “watching and doing” in order to learn and earn the gifts, skills, and desire for this craft from the greatest master quilters of all time - my grandmother, my mother, other family members, and mentors from the Amish community in Lancaster, PA. Spending time with master quilters allowed me to develop a kinship that takes time and patience, and a relationship that brings designs and patterns together.